Hold my hand


Baba asked Juhi and Sneha to hold hands of their little brother Amrit. It was difficult for both of them to match with the pace of Amrit as he is full of joy thinking it was him who was guiding his elder sisters. Juhi murmured something to Sneha and they both started laughing. Baba, in his usual sedate voice, said to them, sonny! Little Amrit will be your torch once he get out of his small pants. And they all laughed except for Amrit. .

The Promise

Atharva Deshmukh

Banu: Appa, Where are we going? You dressed us today like we are going for an occasion Appa. Appa: Its more then just an occasion Banu. We are going to meet your mother. Heera: Mother? But she left us two years before as told by grandma." Appa: No, no Heera she is alive, its just that she has left you three with me and your grandma and I had promised her that when Surya starts to walk then I will bring all our kids to meet her. She has become a ' Mother Superior' now..

His naive tears disappeared and their nascent joy had just prefaced. His innocence and their affection. The words exclaim a lot; sibling love! Adhiraa's core was endowed with pride whereas Aadhyaa was a bit nervous. After so many obscurities they were about to experience something they really wanted to. To their surprise, Nana, strict and unbending, was accompanying them. Their happiness knew no bounds. Aadhya stole Amma's gajras too! His cries were finally understood. It was the seventh day of school. And their first. Amma was proud of her 4 years old. Viplav. A revolution! .

Appu Ammu Kuttan and me


It was during our temple festival , everything was spectacular. Appu , ammu and I was excited to see kuttan with his elephant. We used to say he was the best mahout in the world. He never allowed us to go near the elephant but bought us toys whenever he went with the elephant. But that day the elephant ran amok, some say some drunkard disturbed it but since then kuttan has never smiled or moved . We haven’t been to any temple festival since then. But today, we heard good news from the hospital..

Raksha Bandhan

Renu Kaliyath

He sat there high up in the hills waiting for the letters from home, the soldiers had set the camp for the night. Reaching into his picket, he took out his favourite photo. He had been holding hands with his sisters and the three of them in all their finery had gone to enjoy the temple festivities. His sisters had always been protective of him until he grew up and had joined the army. Just then an envelope fell on his lap, opening it he saw two lovely rakhis. His eyes teared up with love towards his sisters..

Being Selfish

Hemantkumar Jain

My arthritis slows me down. I watch the kids moving at an eager pace and my husband keeping up. I lag behind wondering how life changed. My husband is ‘alive’ again with kids around. They have brought a fresh breath of energy and will-to-live in him. Life is meaningful again. Had it not been for the fatal accident in US which took away my son and his wife, we would have seen our grand–children grow in photos, on mobile phones and meeting them once in 2-3 years. Am I being selfish, in being thankful for the accident? .

My sister has a very irritating habit of saving money. I would often tease her and call her Jesus for saving all the time. One day while my parents were out of town I broke my dad’s car in an accident. I was petrified that my dad would kill me, I didn’t know what to do. That’s when my sister stepped up and gave me the money the fix the car. With teary eyes I looked up at her and she looked at me with her kind eyes. We didn’t say anything but I understood, she was my Jesus..

Legacy of care


Nishapur was riddled with severe droughts . The declining yields and rising debts drove farmers to commit suicide. Epidemics and famines claimed several lives, orphaning children. Having lost his wife and only son, he was desolate and bereft. Living had become an obligation until he met Asha, an orphan scrounging for food in his front yard. They forged a relationship that gave him purpose. She called him Baba. It was Asha who had coaxed him to start an orphanage when she left Nishapur to pursue education abroad . .

Watch Out !


Theirs was one happy family. Two elder sisters doting on their kid brother. What more can a humble man like himself ask for. The next day, they had to leave on foot towards a famous shrine, chanting hymns, everything went just fine, for a while. The child returned after attending to nature's call, out there in the thicket. He was not his usual self. All throughout the journey he kept mum, until they happened to pass over a ghat. "I'm home", a raspy voice uttered quite unlike a child's. That's how he was gone forever..

Orphan Love

Naveen Rane

Krishnappa argued with his daughter-in-law Yesodha that he wanted grandson, though he was blessed with two granddaughters. Doctor warned Yesodha that one more child might be dangerous for her life. But Krishnappa was adamant for boy so that his family is not devoid of heir. Krishnappa was lucky this time as he was blessed with grandson. But Yesodha lost her life due to complications during delivery. Instead of bringing happiness in the family this incidence bought more sorrow to Krishnappa because his son committed suicide as he couldn’t handle the shock of his wife’s demise..


Ankita Chauhan

Two and a half equation of love were walking on the road, as their father promised to little devils, a visit to Aranmula temple on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. But there was a condition. Though he nodded yet surprised to know that he has to take care of his elder sisters from now. He has to protect them. He was listening sincerely to his father’s every word. His eyes were twinkling and a little space was settled between his tiny fingers. He gripped on to his sisters’ hands. Today he was the center, who captivated everything together. .

Lost Guide!


She strode with grace, She knew what she had to face, The days were morose, The responsibilities galore, She knew the tedious routine, She now governed the show, She needed a little help it seems, They said she was the leader indeed, Now she had to be a young conqueror, But, she missed the hand which guided her now, She missed the ears which heard her troubles and how, She missed the comforting, adoring touch, She missed the wise words as such, She now became what she was to her, The mother she became , a mother she lost. .

Women empowered

WoMania neverborn

Her speech on women empowerment was highly applauded at women's day celebration. Being District panchayat president Leelavati was chief guest at the ceremony. Coming out of the hall, she saw her kids going towards the car alongside the driver. Her son... her prized possession and two elder daughters. She felt Her daughters have grown faster than their age. She remembered how she was forced to conceive for third time in hope of a son and frequent visits to radiologist to know the sex of the fetus. Suddenly, she felt her own speech mocking her..

A Silent Pact

kanu Geete

Once again he pressed enter while looking outside the window. The vegetable seller family was still there.Even they are late today, he thought. Screen now showed some lines in red fonts. "This will never compile, I quit." almost screaming. "Me too bro, Lets quit together", A sound came for another cubicle. He heard a massive laughter of a little girl from outside. Inspired by that sound, He leaned forward towards screen. After pressing enter, He saw the vendor family leaving. Feeling alone and depressed than ever, He left without looking at the screen..

Heads Held High

Deepankar Goyal

The father walked back with his head bowed in shame towards the society. The son walked playfully with innocence. The daughter walked with curiosity trying to understand what had happened. But HE walked with pride and saw only one thing ahead. Be a school principal someday. But HE knew that as a eunuch it won't be easy..

“Dad, when is mummy going to come?” An inquisitive glance waited patiently for his father to quench his curiosity. The sisters stole silent glints at each other. Ravi walked taciturnly. Glimpses of her face flashed across his moist eyelids. His lips motioned in Godly communion as he entered the white plastered building. As instructed, the siblings patiently waited outside. Adorned with clothing to appease their mother, the sisters chose Jasmine for hair embellishment! Several moments later, a dismayed Ravi walked away with his three jewels. A sign board outside the white building glistened “Mortuary” under the fresh morning sunlight. .