Careful what you wish for

S as in Shoumik

That boy you see on the bike, in the air, that's me, stuck there. That day I went to the temple to rant about my useless life, how I never get what I want. I wish He granted me one wish. As I reached college my friend told me Neha came looking for me and she wants me to meet me. I was thrilled, she not only knows my name but also she wants to meet me. I grabbed my bike and rushed to meet her, I was so happy, I wish the time stopped and it did. .

Second Chance


It was deemed to be the biggest fraud in the history of sports. Stripped of all his title, embroiled in controversies, sponsorship revoked, he was a hero no more . He knew blood doping wasn't legal. But once he started winning, there was no looking back. It was like getting on a merry-go-round you couldn't get off. He yearned to start over. Shun recognition .Go back to simply being the wheelie doing, free spirited boy of 14, who teemed with a passion for cycling and dreamed of taking the world by storm . .

Somersault to life

Renu Kaliyath

As he flipped over the sunset, he felt the weight of life pressures fly away, his heart was lighter and he wanted to sing out in happiness. From when he had been three years, watching his parents do the somersaults in the circus arena, he had wanted to join them. But they had been adamant that he should study to become a lawyer. His parents had wanted a better life for him. He had always been happy then, now he had everything, money, fame, family but something had been missing. Today he had taken a chance and joyfully somersaulted..

Now he could fly

Hemantkumar Jain

It looked real. Technology be damned. With his limited resources and budget, he couldn't probably get a completely functional one but surely it was a beautiful one. It looked real. He hated the sympathetic look on people's faces when they saw his amputated leg that he lost in the freak accident. He wanted to see admiration and not sympathy-laced-admiration. For god's sake, he was a sportsman and not a circus performer. Now he could fly. With his new prosthetic leg, the attention would be on his acrobatics with the bicycle and not his absent leg..

Independence Day!!!!


His Mom came in with a surprise look on her face. "Your Door is unlocked for a change." "I am bored Ma." He replied with a guilty smile on his face. He took off from his room and headed to the basement for no particular reason. There he saw his once beloved bicycle lying in one corner. He took it out for a ride. As he rode his bike through countryside, he felt like his entire body is rejuvenated by the cool evening breeze. 'Thank You Government for PornBan" He screamed, He now had his old boyish smile back..

Metaphor Of Love

Naveen Rane

The younger siblings ask their elder brother why our father have to perform such dangerous stunts which makes our mother always be in fear when he leaves for work. Why can’t he do a normal job for a living? The elder brother answers ”If our father does a normal job he can provide us food and good education. He doesn’t want to devoid us of unconditional love which only our mother can give us. She has cancer and to cure the disease he needs to do stunts so that he can pay the medical bills.”.

On a tread pattern


Mountain biking was something which he had heard from his parkour enthusiast friends. The idea appealed to him somewhat. It was a sport of endurance and most importantly reaction time. It took him years to get it right. The ramp was set, all he had to do was to get his bike across it and then land safely onto the nearby terrace. Unfortunately the bounce from the ramp wasn't enough to propel him towards his desired spot, missing by a few inches, sustaining grave injuries. The tire's tread pattern was to be blamed, being of below 14. .

Faithful disciple

srujana adhikari

Coach San looks on his students and wonders whom to send for the great match. He sees a notorious student Rov, whom he cared less make a perfect leap in the field. He doubts whether Rov is taking another class. He decides to ask him upfront. San sees Rov leaving, stops him and asks him about the leap. Rov smiles and says I have seen all your previous matches coach and that's where I learnt this too..

Somewhat frost morning but a rejuvenating one he felt, his numb fingers would pick up a bundle of newspapers and stationed them on his rusty bicycle, his twinkling eyes had already captured a dream, which was usually blooming on the first page, brave pilots with majestic planes, when world was facing the calamities of second world war, an imagination trying to survive in his heart. There was lack of facilities but choice had made. And after a decade our universe blessed with exquisite Missile Man! Here a Salute to his parents who let him flown without any —forced perception. .

What is that? A cycle! How does it fly? On wings! I don’t see any. They are wings of hope. Is hope invisible? No. Why can’t I see it then? Because it is not a real world. But I want to see hope. Step into the real world and you will see. I have, but I still can’t see it. Suspend your disbelief. I cannot do that. Why? Because my hope depends on belief. And my success depends on your disbelief. So, it is a real world? No, reel world! .

The Ones Behind Those Scenes

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

Her face couldn’t hide her excitement, an action movie bluff that she was. He just kept smiling innocently, every time she explained in the middle of the movie how much she loved those stunts and how cool the actor was. Though it wasn’t anything new, today was different. Today was the day her eyes shone with tears of joy and pride. When credits ran down the screen, post the movie, it was one beautiful heck of a surprise to see his name as the stuntman. Today was the day he felt it was all worth it!.

Leap of faith


I was a big fan of one of my school's senior. I was amazed by his passion for cycling. Whenever he used to ride his cycle i could see a different persona of him. A confident, passionate and full of life. As if the his cycle would help him tackle all the obstacles in his way, like a magic.I always wondered as to how a cycle brought this much confidence in him. I asked him 'What's so special in this cycle that makes you fearless?'. He pedaled and said 'Leap of faith, my friend'..