UNMOGIP, The Indo Pak cupid.

S as in Shoumik

“Human rights are breathing down our neck. We must find some other source to feed us.” “But sir Chickens are the staple diet for us.” “I know and that’s why we must find a diplomatic way around it. How about this, we give these two chickens some weapons and a good reason to fight with each other. While we will interfere between them as peacekeepers but our agenda would be to fuel the fire between them. Whoever loses, there’ll be only one winner.... US.” “Excellent strategy Mr. President.” “God Bless America” and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was filled with laughter. .

Shaila is upset. She has no idea what to do. She’s wondering where Vijay is right now. Maybe looking for her in rail stations. Shaila seems like she has no worry about Vijay. Something is running inside her head. She is looking at two cocks in front of her. “Fight? Was that fight what he always did with me?“, said shaila. She stood up with her luggage in her hand which still has dried blood’s mark. “Now I’ll fight with my destiny”. Shadow also leaves in dusk. Shaila started walking. Walking alone for an unknown destiny. Sun is drowning. .

The Last Fight

Hemantkumar Jain

This was his last fight. Just before the fight, they had announced that he was going to Mumbai, land of Bollywood, as he was destined for greater things. He was now excited as he had been preparing for this day for a very long time. The cock fights had been his only sport for several years now as he lived in the camps located in the middle of nowhere. He began to pack, as the citizens of Mumbai continued to party and sleep, unaware of the suicide bomber who received his assignment..



"Bring Speckled."Hari commanded concealing the ignominy of his first defeat in four years. "But.....but father he's my pet, not a gamecock" Roshan protested. Speckled probably didn't stand a chance but Hari was the village champion and wasn't ready to concede defeat. A teary eyed Roshan kneeled besides Speckled in the cockpit. The winner, taking pity on Roshan, allowed Hari to take his dead birds home . "Eat"Hari insisted . "Eat Speckled?" Roshan questioned. "Learn to cope with your losses like a real man."Hari admonished. " If only you had learnt that father." Roshan retorted. .

Whose Battles Is It?

Renu Kaliyath

One stood there proudly, the other worn out and broken, fighting a lost battle it was. In their fight for survival, they could never know that many a lives daily wages was bet on them. Those seeking to make quick money through the bloody battles fought between voice less birds, either they won to play the game once again another day, or lost to go home to empty and hungry stomachs waiting for a morsel. One day these fighter birds might turn the tables on humankind. They will win greater battles for survival..



Enraptured by the two roosters in a tussle, he felt the itch to ask his buddy a query. "What's the story behind the cockpit being called so?" Mayank lead his friend to the coop, where he saw many a chicken huddled together with little to no space. In the olden days, when cabin pressurization was unheard of; captain, co-pilot, navigator and flight engineer were all required to be cooped up in the same way, leading to inconvenience. The drop in outside temperature with increasing altitude and nothing to compensate it. Get the connect..


Subhra Pratim Mukherjee

“Who’s going to win you think?” Varun asked little Aayan as they watched the two roosters fight. “Umnn.. The bigger one I think”, the little one answered, his eyes fixed on the cockfight going on. “Why are they fighting, Papa?” Ayaan’s question broke the silence that was hovering in the air. A simple question from his son suddenly made Varun think for a while. ”I don’t know, Son”, He gave a faint smile, “it’s all up here” he said pointing his index finger at his head..

Winning Spirits

Lata Sunil

‘Go Roxy!’ shouted Nathan hoping to earn double on his bet. A thorough background study was done before betting on Roxy. Roxy wins every alternate fight for no apparent reason. Today was a winning day. But, Mandy was getting his blows right and made contact with Roxy more than he missed. Nathan had put his daily earning on Roxy today. The prospect of getting an earful from his wife was daunting. He went to Roxy's manager with a hundred rupee note. The manager immediately called a break. Roxy returned with refreshed spirits and won. .


Ankita Chauhan

‘Where you headed?’ ‘I'm quitting this world, Allow me to die, so I don’t have to deal with despair.’ ‘What kind of whacky cock you are! You know that we still exist as we’re capable to entertain them, otherwise we would have become the one-plate-something for someone.’ ‘If end is predestined, I don’t foresee any good fighting with my brothers.’ ‘Have you not heard of The Krishna’s message at Kurukshetra— stand up and perform your duty and, therefore, fight. This is how it’s done.’ ‘Though I'll pretend to fight, but I’m not as good as you.’ .

Birds of Same Flock

WoMania neverborn

"Can you see those 2 cocks Suyodhan?! One of them is you, and the other Buddhi, your brother" Said grandfather, pointing to the cock fight in village trade "and that man with stick in hand, who pokes cocks time to time is your uncle Saguna. Whoever loses the match, its he who wins. First, the gambled money and then chicken meal at night." Suyodhan, unable to understand the intricacies of grandfather's words could grasp only one word of all. Gambling, this time he'll defeat Buddhi in gambling. .

And Who'd You Blame?

Vidyashree Mutteppagol

“For the love of God, stop torturing that creature!” yelled his wife as he returned home drunk from the rooster fight! “Shut up woman! Just mind your business.” he fired back unashamed as ever. She’d decided that she’d borne enough and it was about time she put an end to it. The next morning the police found her note alongside their bodies. “Only I was supposed to die tonight. But I feared that he’d continue to torture that poor rooster. And I couldn’t forgive him anymore.” Funny how God plays it! The rooster too had succumbed to injuries..

"Wait! It says 'KEEP OUT', Tash! I don't think we should go further,"said Josh eyeing his twin with a petrified look. "It's just a silly sign, Josh! Now move it!" "Wait, Tash. I heard someone cackling...Oh God! I hope it's not that witch who-" Suddenly, there was a flash of light, the twins fell unconscious. Tash saw a rooster looking at him curiously, when he woke up. "What am I doing in a farm?" he thought. Suddenly it came charging towards him and said, "I told you not to enter the cave, Tash! That witch changed us to roosters!".

The mood was sombre and the faces were crestfallen. The Boss had summoned them for the path forward. “How can they ban?” A voice took courage to stoke their collective outrage. “The animal rights lobby is powerful.” “They care only for animals.” “Who will feed my children?” “We should protest.” “Candle light march!” “No, that is only for the rich.” “Let us put our children in a mock fight.” “Yes, what a splendid idea!” “We will dress them up in fancy costumes.” “Just make sure, the sword is not real”, bellowed the Boss. His eyes had a steely glint. .