I opened my eyes to find myself on a strange bed by the window. Scanning the room, I realized it was a hospital and I remembered my accident. I could see the lightning flashes outside the window but could not hear the thunder. I let out a silent scream concluding that I had lost my hearing. I would never hear my Natasha again. That’s when the nurse came in and pulled the curtain saying, “Sorry about the construction work outside and the flickering flashes of the welding works. I hope the curtains help you sleep”. .

Gopi could weld anything in metal. Over the years he had gained the expertise working with his Uncle. Now age and fading vision had taken its toll and weakened him. There was no other profession he could change over to and was destined to weld till his last breath. He had to work till the last day for his daily bread and was not lucky like his friends who worked in the Limited Company on the outskirts. At least they were assured of Provident Fund and other benefits on retirement. He had no social security old age benefits. Alas. .




Today I'm trying to immortalize him in a brass statue . Amidst our journeys he got hurt and although we healed him, he could never set out on travels again. Everyday thereafter his ailing eyes would plead with me to end his misery. Growing up, I had learnt to have the most intimate conversations with him without words . I knew he was imploring me to make sure that the very end of our journey together would be as beautiful as our beginnings . I obliged . I shot my horse in the head..



Today I'm trying to immortalize him in a life-sized brass statue. Amidst our journeys he got hurt and although we healed him, he could never set out on travels again. Everyday thereafter he'd plead with me with ailing eyes to end his misery. Growing up, I had learnt to have the most intimate conversations with him without words. I knew he was imploring me to ensure that the end of his journey would be as beautiful as the beginning. I obliged. I shot my horse in the head..

Family Legacy

Shoumik De

While driving through countryside we came across a place called “Murkhanandpur”. There we saw a man locked in a small iron cage. Curious… we asked about it, they said, “Years ago there was a welder in the village. He was asked to build an iron cage that was unbreakable. But the trick was when he finished it he would be inside.” “Oh my God is that the same welder stuck inside?” “No,” he said, “he died long time back so we put his son, someone has to continue the family legacy.” Ah! that explains the name of the place. .



Who do you know me as? The man with his head down? One with a mask? Do you ever think how my face looks? I wonder if I’ll remain a faceless guy for you. I wonder if you’ll ever stop by, look at me & notice the scars on my face, the smile I reserve for you. At times I wish I could get away from this fire & sit by the lake. But the fire in my belly is far stronger than the fire that these thoughts ignite. I get back to doing what I do. Welding. .

His Story!


A life lived so mundane, Moments subsisted in melancholy, In perseverance he still believed, The right to breathe boundless, There he exists relinquished, His story inexpressible, A dainty figurine he created, A twinkling caught his eye, Her indescribable beauty heaved a sigh, Face hidden, blistering with delicacy, Withering away in the heat, Finally he found his wish, A way to tell his art’s story, To be written in the stars, One day everyone will know, Who he really was? .

Sparkling Sticks

Naveen Rane

In my childhood days I always waited for the Diwali festival to arrive to light the sparkling sticks left over by the rich kids which were half burned as I could not afford it as being a labours child. Today I am a welder using welding sticks for fabrication; the sparks coming out of it has the same view as that of Diwali sparking sticks. Now when I buy my children the sparkling sticks for Diwali they say “papa we see these sparkling in your workshop everyday then why do u don’t bring something else for us”..

Craft Of Doom


Laila had been transmuting from a deep hypnagogic state, since how long, no one could tell. A slight whirring sound and she woke up with a start; an AI had taken over a part of her brain, integrating itself like second skin, controlling all her bodily functions. Where was everyone?, her eyes reached far and wide, only to be met with hydraulic lines, broken and sparking occurring at places due to ignition. The roof looked like some rundown mattresses. A clone like herself, trapped in a madhouse of a cursed spaceship. Humanity ceased to exist. Malice took over..

"The surgeon has faxed the bill. I've kept it on your desk", said Pepper as tears swelled up in her eyes. She looked away from the welding job, eyeing Pepper's figure that she always coveted. "That body was always meant for Killian," she thought and got back to the job. "Your body has changed," said the Doctor on the day she had her surgery. Tomorrow she'd tell the world how she always felt like being a woman. From tomorrow, she'd be called by her new name. Tory Stark as she preferred, is now Iron Woman..

The Mask


“Hmm, this one seems tough to mould”. He mused, striking the subject with the chisel. “He is neither the first, nor the last.” the inner voice chided him.”Remove your mask and hit hard”. His hands quivered a bit but grip on the iron mask tightened. “No, it would hurt my eyes.” “What hurt?” mocked the inner voice. “You would never be a Messiah in their eyes, with or without the mask.” Shaken, he locked the prodding voice in his subconscious mind and released the grip on the captive boy’s hand, declaring “Jehaad, no more”..


Eshita Dey

"Baba, are those fireworks you are making?" Munni had asked her father, the first time she saw him work. He had laughed, asking her to stay away. But she couldn't. The 10 year old girl had been enthralled. One fine day when he wasn't looking, she picked up the machine and did her own fireworks'. Her father had come shrieking and panicked, but Munni was laughing. And in this way, Vani aka Munni had found her life-calling. To create her own fireworks', laughed the CEO of a recently awarded steel company to the reporter..

The component was super critical for the success of the clandestine mission. The boss trusted nobody with the design and drawing. Not even the robot that controlled the manufacturing process. Enemies and professional jealousies threatened to stymie the operation. So the robot was fed with the wrong program. Only the boss knew the right codes to be given at the last minute to the foreman, who owed personal loyalty. The auto mode on the robot would be disabled and the foreman will take over. But the robot has anticipated this and enslaved the foreman. .

In the stillness of night, despite of face shield, his clouded eyes struggling with smoke and flying sparks. Though his back was swaying on his sweaty legs but there was an experience on his wrinkled face that relayed, the harsh heat couldn’t trouble him at all, past day’s conversation with his master still hovering around his vision. ‘For god’s sake, you’re almost forty-one. Are you sure?’ ‘I really need to do this.’ ‘Total madness! I’m telling you, who would join a school at this age?’ ‘One who would have spent his whole childhood as dish-washer, amidst faceless city.’.

The Fabrication

The Pharaoh

She had met with an unfortunate mishap, could no more walk. But she is still a spirited soul in the world to touch the sky. If mishap couldn't take life, that was by a plan. We all are here for a purpose. And why would she be deprived? Despite her evident inadequacy, she is entitled to life of dignity and perseveres. As a soul mate, am not I the other wheel? Hence, short folding bars to rail her remote-controlled wheelchair to avoid climbing stairs. If God could fabricate whole planet, why not small one for my Queen?.

Love Bonds

The Storyteller

Our marriage was on the rocks and one fine day, we filed for divorce. But we hit roadblock, as neither of us was ready to give up custody of our 3-year old daughter, Shriya. In this stalemate, I and my wife decided to stay together with our daughter. We spoke only in matters related to Shriya and always mutually decided what was good for her. Today, 15 years hence, we are still together and much in love. There are times, when I and my wife wonder how our tumultuous married life was welded by the love for our daughter. .

Work is Worship

srujana adhikari

Tau came running to Rivu. Rivu without looking up "What's the rush tau careful" Tau catching his breath said "Your wife is delivering". Rivu smiled, didn't look up. Few minutes passed, Tau repeated same sentence with higher pitch. Rivu smiled again and said "I heard you the first time, need not repeat". Tau confused "but Rivu, you need to come" Rivu replied "I know but completing this is even more important, if I don't complete, my whole morning effort is waste. So Tau you carry on, I will come".

Diabolical Sparkles !


After observing this person, my mind started churning. I was reminded of my uncle who died while working for a makeshift factory of crackers. I still remember the way our family had to suffer as he was the sole breadwinner. We were forced to get exploited that too with happiness to ward off hunger & death. I still remember the sparkles that burnt him. 'What is the policy of Govt. now?' I wonder 'Has it changed or still indifferent to the plight of workers?' 'Why does no political party promise anything for these workers'? Anyone wants to answer?.

"We've put your name on the list. Let's see when we get a donor for you." "Thanks a lot, doctor." "By the way, how did this happen?" "Have you heard of the story of Icarus?" "Yes." "I also went too close to the stars." "I don't understand." "Maybe you haven't fallen in love." .