You were nothing but a blur. Your voice faint in the distance. I was miserably failing to move on. No matter what I did, you wouldn't leave. I realised a confrontation was due. Just as I crushed, you came around. As I rolled, you started to appear. And just when I lit it after a whole year, there you were. "Hello! You took longer than expected," she said. "You wouldn't let go, would you," I said. She smiled, and smirked at me. I couldn't run from myself any longer. .


Matilda Briggs

He came across the pale blue creature in an ancient meteor crater. He wore rags of dead animal skin and seemed to have a third eye on his forehead, tightly shut. "Who are you?" "Take this. It will reveal you to you." "Help me." "But, I want to help everyone." Shiv woke up, startled. He quickly rolled a joint for his seizure prone daughter. Weed always seemed to stabilize her, with little or no side effects. He knew, in his heart, that the world had been lied to, as he saw his daughter fall into a peaceful slumber..

Annual visit

Shoumik De

He just stood there on the carpet of the dead leaves. This was his third. She lay there in front of him. He mastered the art of rolling the joint with his one hand. He didn't look up but he knew that she was smiling at him. She lay wearing her favorite dress, which had a hole burnt into it earlier from a pot seed exploded from a joint. This time he carefully removed all the seeds and lit the joint. Then he slowly lay beside her. Graveyards are beautiful, he thought..

Not This Time Either


"Again you look down at me. How many times I told you to stop doing this? Just because you are the Goliath in this relationship? Why won't you let me be?" "Because you complete me. You know all my sorrows and my joys." "How about me then? Don't I deserve to have some peace? I always end up being consumed by your passion. I cannot handle your intensity anymore." "But how can I live without you? I will be lost in this meaningless life." "Please, stop! " "Not this time either," he said rolling and lighting her up again..



Panhal (MH), She said let's smoke and he managed to get a king... with the first exhalation she giggled at the smoke. Two years down the line she set his life on a blaze to warm her drenched desires without sensing even a trace of smoke... that's the paradox of life..

The Elixir

Kishore Thampi

As i rolled the joint i was thinking how many times have i fought the urge during the last few days. I don't think iam an addict. I can stop this anytime. Just this once. I want to feel the thick fumes inside my body , soothing my nerve ends and taking me to a wonderful , colorful world. As i was searching for my matches a kid , about 12 years old, ran up to me as asked "Hey ! do you have matches"?. I looked at him wondering whether he is my own reflection from the past. .