To a new World


I isolated in academics to be honoured with a chance to fly around the world for a distinct journey with people. We all met in the skies from points of dependents on which part of the window began. Instantly we become associates. We flew 6 hours, with some resting and some simply lying back. We came nearer to our destination. Our blood rushed through our veins for what was to come. Passage in the sky changed and burnt. We were destroyed to be quenched by the salty cries and gulped down whole to gain channel to a new world. .


Shoumik De

Breaking News: The Mumbai Delhi flight has crashed; no survivors. The bedroom door opened and her mother-in-law stormed in crying, along with her other family members consoling her. She sat there motionless, wide-eyed staring at the television screen. Gradually it dawned on her. All those years of physical and mental abuse, arguments, entrapment, rape, and humiliation: over. Her prayers were answered. If he was dead, she was free! Tears of relief welled up. Sweet release. The front door opened. “Thank God I missed that plane!” he said, rushing into his parent's arms..



"I hope we haven't traveled thousand of kilometers in the middle of nowhere for nothing!" "Be patient and don't try to peep." He sighed, deciding to wait. When she finally removed his blindfold, blinking rapidly, he saw the wreck and his heart sunk under the blow. "Why do I feel this pain again? "It's the part that was torn from you back then. It came out to life here as a destroyed metal monster." "Why is it not over yet?" "Because you tried to keep going without forgetting." He took her hand and kissed it with his tears. .

Black Box

Naveen Rane

As teenagers, Meghan and Diego dreamed of joining air force as pilots, because they loved the idea of "flying high and seeing the world through a birds eye". As dreamed, their dream came true and luckily both were part of the same cockpit of the plane which carried the soldiers to war zone. As they were few nautical miles away from the war zone, their plane came under radar of enemy and was fired with a missile. When Black Box was examined, the final recording was "We lived our dream, but we won't grow old to cherish our memories.".

Shattered dream

Ashish R

The barren land has not seen the life form since ages. It had accepted the solitudinous. But today it had a dream of life form giving it a visit. It was excited that its prayer got accepted after a very long time and a living thing will come which will help it escape from its loneliness. For humans this land was dead. They knew this land had nothing to offer. Finally, the land saw something approaching. A plane crashed and was burning. Everything was lost for that land. To humans, it was always dead and for it, humans were dead..

No Return


He looked intently at the photograph, the one that had brought him some of the world's finest awards for photo journalism. He poured himself another drink. Occasionally, he remembered her. She had been the tenacious one, always ready to pursue a story in its heartwrenching, gory details. She would never know, would she, that she could have had all this adulation. If she had stayed alive in that scorching desert. If she hadn't trusted that he would get her out alive. If she had only believed, as he so often reminded her: each man for himself..

Reminiscence Of Grandeur

K Luke Mathew

-Year 1939, stealth planes took to the skies. The countries shook hands while the air traffic increased at a steady pace. The war thus took a tactical turn. In the coming days the missiles poured from the sky. None saw it coming. Survivors of all kinds saw fire pouring down. -Year 1970, nuclear submarines took to the seas. The skies are clearer now. Citizens from across ran around doing their daily chores, oblivious to the rumble of the ground. -Indeed, the war was never meant to end and the irony, better means were developed to deceive one's bretheren. .