chandana roy

She was married off at the tender age of 12. A slip of a girl,with a very vague idea of marriage, travelled to a strange place, with a stranger. Soon life taught her what being married really meant,She knew what she must do..She was resolved. She took a last look at her infant daughter, in the arms of her foster mother and dry eyed walked out of the orphanage. She couldn't thank Doctor Didi enough for telling her in-laws that it was a still born child. She stepped out. Breathed deep. The Sun was just rising. She walked on..

“There she is, run catch her before she gets away” “that's not her sir, that lady seems to be having only one leg” “that is her, she is pretending to be one-legged, run after her” “where did she go and where are we, was I dreaming? “ “think it was just a mirage sir, we seem to be lost and none of the instruments are working” .

Lost Identity

anushree goenka

What do you want Kahi ? exclaimed Rishi. Anger and frustration were visible on both. Kahi was tired of explaining herself again. She was independent,knew how to take care of herself and family. She does not need millions, but just organized few. Rishi, on the other hand,was not able to understand her need for independence. He grew up to live for himself and that is what he cared. Choose one, shouted Rishi,she glanced at him long,she loved both, but at this point of life,cannot live with a lost identity. So she chose one,walked silently on her new path. Heartbreak followed..

"There! The promised land!" Fatima's senses came alive. Hunger and pain vanished. The earth beneath felt like a flower carpet. The blazing sun turned mellow. "Just another hour, insha'Allah...!" Fatima cried ecstatically. Just another hour. Deliverance will now be hers. The war zone she fled will just be another memory, a bitter, piercing memory drenched in blood. Leaving behind her lifetime treasures, her childhood, her family.....Fatima wept softly. She was still in delirium when the bullet violently propelled her forward. Eyes still open, devouring the beauty of the golden land yonder, she kissed the earth. And died..

The Black Purdah


I saw a dream walking on the red sand road. She was wearing a hijab and her image laced with a face. Life is about walks and laughter, but now she only knows shock. Her wings are held earthbound vulnerable is she and silent as the grave. The sun may rise for she who walks in shadow, the blackness that makes her disappear hidden away from prying eyes. Nobody told her how to cope with bombs and the dreams of despots. .


Shoumik De

A soldier on the battlefield was seriously wounded when he saw a black shadow looming over him. Determined not to die so early he gathered all energy he had... crawled towards the medical camp. Whenever he looked back he found the shadow right beside him, hovering over, He kept moving ahead until he saw a heavenly figure dressed in white. He was elated, he got up ran towards the figure. He was welcomed with open arms of death. The Death took the soldier and smiled at the Angel dressed in black. Disappointed the Angel turned back and left..

Wilderness and her

Ashish R

She searched silence in crowd, darkness in light, herself in others and all this happened here, in this wilderness.She had answers and not questions here.No boundaries to define her. She was accompanied by fear. Fear of being herself,the very her, the truth that may consume her and could make her a totally different person. She was amazed by the fact that this wilderness had nothing to offer but she took everything from it. It was time for her to leave this.she wasn't sad though. She just cherished the last moments in that unknown familiar territory..

And She Walked Slowly Towards Me

Remya Nair

One week now. Haven’t moved. Can’t. The sun too is my friend. Sucking out every last drop of water in me. Water. I need water. Does it taste different for the thirsty and the quenched? I’ve heard that your whole life flashes before you just before you die. But I see nothing. My entire life. Nothing. That’s when I heard her, slowly walked towards me. Her black veil fluttering in the dry desert wind. Hope. And then I saw her eyes. I let out a silent laugh as I wondered - never imagined Death would be a woman..