“Follow me!” James seemed to call from miles away. My head spun. The trees flashed across, now green, now red…… “Fast!” he roared. I shuddered. ‘What did he feed me? An hour ago? Or a day? ’ I wracked my memory. In one flash it all came back to mind. The yellowy substance wrapped in paper. I remembered swallowing it and passing out. ‘I need to flee!’ I searched around desperately. The log! In one smooth motion, I picked it up, heaved it high and brought it down. ‘Thud’, cracked the skull. Freedom! I ran without looking back. .



She has come again. Nobody likes her; everyone tries their best to keep her away but she often comes at my open door and sits by my side. I can see her soul in her tearful eyes because she is so honest and true to her soul that she can't be fake. If she is with you, then she gives her whole to you. She is so lonely and sad but I believe she has a soft and kind heart because she comes without invitation. When you ask her name, she shyly says, "Sadness.".

Hormonal Hijack


Remembering my childhood, I can recall this girl Varsha with whom I could do anything and everything, from dancing, and playing together to swimming and sleeping together.... Today in my 20s, I miss doing all that with her. Just understand that it was innocence coupled with love then, and emotion coupled with lust now... And, thus the title. .

A Healing Touch

Shweta Naik

The epidemic had nearly washed out the entire tribe or relocated them far away. The doctor tried her best to save the tribal lady. Leaving her two little toddlers behind she breathed her last with a message in her eyes. There, the single doctor had become a mother. Years later her sons asked her, “Mum, what’s that tattooed on our backs?”, “Did you tattoo it on us?”. She couldn’t think of a better place to answer their questions, than the very place that was once their home..

Wild one


Do you remember those woods? Dark and deep, like the poet said. The beetles you collected and the leeches I had on my legs. Did you think of them ever? I screamed and you laughed. I wanted to take you back there, lay you to rest in the clearing we found with the oddly shaped rocks that we pretended were part of ancient ruins. But instead you sit here in that stainless steel urn, very minimalist, very industrial. Your wild soul must have fled long ago to bask in the dappled sunlight of the woods. Take me with you..



"Shh... I hear her coming." The girl paused, slowly bringing down the stick she had been trailing noisily through the undergrowth. "I am scared," she whispered. "We are warriors," he said, without turning around. She did not answer. He extended his hand backward, and she held on tight. "I am with you," he said, giving her hand a squeeze and leading her forward slowly. Suddenly the undergrowth parted and she stood there. Hands on her hip. "Where have you two been? It's time for lunch. Go, wash your hands.".

"So what if we have entered this place?" she asked "Weren't we forbidden to pass through?" he asked "You think we shall be punished?" she asked a bit tense "Our love made us enter this place, for this we both shall be punished." "You are his favourite & shall be pardoned" she sighed . The clouds broke through with a thundering sound as the voice boomed "Azazel you've sinned & tricked Michael to earth, thou be damned to hell." She shuddered and looked at Micheal as he turned his back on her. After all Michael was Gods favorite Angel..

Paradise lost.

Shoumik De

"This relationship sucks. I wasn't even asked before He forced me to live with this man. Like my opinion doesn't even matter. I haven't even met anyone else in my life. Sex is boring and he doesn't believe in foreplay. Haven't seen the outside world and you know what... looks like I am a prisoner here. You are the only one I can talk to about my life and relationship. He thinks I mad for talking to a cold-blooded reptile." Snake: Don't worry sister, there's a solution to all your problems. This fruit... here take a bite..

Wandering around, Sebastian asked Carol, "Are we on the right path? Will we reach our destination?" Carol 's response was a just a 'hmmm' but Sebastian was curious to know what they would encounter along their path. So he kept asking, but Carol seemed to be just enjoying the woods, the birds twittering and the breeze against her while waving her stick through the bushes. He couldn't take it any more and a frustrated Sebastian raised his voice and asked, "Are we going to find the thing we came searching for?" Carol smiled innocently, and said, "I have already found it." A little confused, he probed, "Where?" She just smiled wider and whispered "Right here. Around us. Nature.".