The hunger gnawed, must break laws to fill his tummy flat. He isn't long fed. The smell of fish stoked his wish, thought it is must to steal his bread. He said I've an urge let us both go to war; you shall fight against me. We shall fight on the land and if you insist we shall fight on the sea. The prey snapped the result of this spat will be nothing but bubbles to mark where you sank. I'll be gun, I'll be bomb said my furry And I'll target my missiles and blow up your tank. .



"Inna pidicho [here, have one]," he said, handing a tiny fish from his catch to the faithful alley cat that followed him everywhere when he was on land. He had thought of taking it along on his fishing trips. It got really lonely out at sea. Being alone on land was ok. One could drink oneself into oblivion. The sea afforded no such luxury. Today, he had had a good catch and it would sell fast. He would go empty the day's earnings at the nearest toddy shop, alternately toasting and cursing his dead wife and children..

The breath


Katika is Baba's favorite cat. But Baba is dead now. Amita, his daughter, is now Katika's gaurdian. She's mostly busy, doing two jobs. Amita often felt sorry. She knew Katika felt lonlier than ever. A week after Baba's demise, Katika went missing one morning. After searching for days, Amita found a cat lingering on the beach. She wasn't sure if it's Katika. Many cats looked same in neighborhood. She skeptically held out an old balloon from her pocket - the cat quickly hopped-up and pawed the balloon affectionately. That's the last balloon Baba gifted Katika - his last breath..

a Cat's Prayer

Javed Shehnaaz

I won't let her die, he promised me. She is dead now, like all of your feelings, emotions and senses. Like all of you. He got bored so, he replaced the fish tank with a new cage and a life inside. I wonder if a cat's prayer any of your Gods would ever listen, so I pray to The God of the universe that this time your new interest lasts a life time. Atleast, life time of a caged life!!.



I liked the stuff. I thought that this fellow will like it. I was sure he would like it. The food was crispy and fleshy too. I have seen him eating this with eagerness earlier. I showed him. Fellow, did not register any exclamation or eagerness. I expected that he would slump on it. What happened to him. He disappoints me. I thought, he would like it. No. What happened to him? He is simply examining the stuff. Not eager to gulp it. What happened to him? His likes changed?.


Shweta Naik

It was afternoon and he still didn't have any luck fishing. He was beginning to get impatient as the wait narrowed his hopes the third day too . Sweat trickling down his temple, he was about to use his last bait when a cat leapt on to it . It carried the fish to it's kitten who was meowing for food. Soon the meowing turned into a statisfied purr. " Well, lucky you." chuckled the fisherman who thought about his empty wallet and his kids back home ..

Black and white


Why are these bad memories always black and white?? Is it because it cannot be recreated again?? Probably yes !! When a white cat Pampers a black fish only to hog eventually .. making it only a part of its memory says it all that it's little difficult to add colour to some of past happenings ...


Rakesh D

Oh poor cat, You have a fish in front of you to eat, You are so hungry to eat. But you've decided not to eat, but to love playing with that fish. No wonder, you are a fish-lover my dear cat. You have that heart not to hurt even a dead fish. You proved that kind-heart is not only for humans, but that belongs to all the creatures in the nature. .


Ankita Chauhan

The day was hectic and growling through his wrist watch. His eyes were continuously searching that furry ball, but she was not on the port today. After spending five decades of his life, he couldn’t even decode the language of love yet. Then why he has been missing that tiny patchy thing. Her curious eyes, paw-nose fight, and the way she would circle around him until she gets some fish. Every little nuances teasing him of her absence. She was only a stranger cat, who found him out. She made him realize the narrow path between captivity and belonging. .