"It's awesome outside. The rain is mesmerising! Let's go for a ride." "You're kidding, right? I will fall sick!" "But it's romantic.." So she took him out for a ride, because she loved him. And love makes us do crazy things... like wearing a helmet and driving in the rain... in the middle of the night!.

The Rebirth

Kishore Thampi

It was raining heavily. I called up Ravi and told him that I won’t be doing this dirty job again. I need to take care of my family. Need to exorcise the wrath of those innocent people whom I have oppressed for money. Enough is enough! By the time I reached the hospital I was totally drenched. The ward was crowded. I saw my father standing near a bed at the farthest corner. When he saw me, his face hardened. ”It’s a baby girl,” he said. I just looked at the wrapped gift from god and smiled. .



A bike passed by the dark hamlet. Many in the makeshift huts began to get curious as the bike went towards the Bloody Road. As it was a rainy night, highlighted by infrequent lightning and punctuated by heavy sound of clouds, no one in the hamlet was able to sleep. All the hapless downtrodden got excited in a queer way. The bike riders had no clue about the problem that they were about to encounter. One kilometre after another, the riders rushed through smoothly which broke the taboo of traveling by that road at night. .

Monsoon expressions


*Thank God I am not riding. Being a pillion is insulating me from the direct impact of the pouring cats and dogs. I can't wait to get home.* *I wish I didn't offer to drop him. Why did it have to rain tonight. I just hope I don't get late again or she will be really mad this time round.* I could never understand why people disliked monsoons. It's such a beautiful phenomenon that makes everything come alive. I nibbled at another piece of pakoda and sipped on my lemon-tea as I continued watching people struggling in the rains..

Highway to Hell

Fairy Dharawat

Saahil took his Royal Enfield and decided to ride on a stormy night. His earplugs were singing 'Highway to Hell'. When AC/DC runs on maximum volume, it doesn't matter whether it rains or not. Rainy days on highways always see accidents. Streetlights and headlights turn invisible. They're not always vehicular accidents, though. Sometimes, these accidents are of other kinds. The kind Saahil found sitting on his passenger seat. The kind that appeared out of nowhere, whispering 'come'. The kind that snatches the victim, from the living world..



No amount of hurrying would help, thought Alok, as he clutched his brother tight. Amar was going as fast as he dared in the rain. All he knew was that his beloved Ma had met with an accident and he just had to see her. "Bhaiya, I think Ma would want you to go slower," said Alok, his tears mingling with the raindrops. At the hospital, Alok was glad his brother had not listened to him. He got to kiss his Ma goodbye..