Old Memories Die Hard


For today's generation, which is introduced to technology at an early age in their lives, kids spend their free time holed up in their bedrooms with the latest gaming gadget. Ninety-year-old Puru decided to engage his grandchildren in some good, old outdoor activities during their summer visit. (The kids were as excited as their Grandpa.) Out in the fields, he reintroduced them to his childhood memories. “I'd play here, climb these trees. This lake, we'd spend time stone skipping.” “Playing in the outdoors today seems to have become a thing of the past.” He gazed..

Child's Play

Parag Wankhade

"He has hit the ball out of ground!" exclaimed the fat tree. "I never thought they would be able to play here at all," it continued. After a sigh, it added, "All thanks to their parents. Even we owe them a lot. Last year's drought had almost killed us, if they wouldn't have initiated the water conservation methods. These human brains are fascinating, a little empathy and they do wonders as if child's play. Hope these kids also head in the right direction. Don't know which direction the ball has headed." "Relax it's right there!" replied the tall one..

Krishna's Friends

Rohan Mukherjee

"Where did Krishna go? What's taking so long?" "He's gone to fetch the ball." "Yeah. He's probably climbing on that imaginary giant snake's head again." "Last time we were so high, bruh. He decided to dance while hallucinating about a multi-headed snake." "Holy! What!" "Dude that Krishna is batshit crazy." "Yeah man. Apparently he's dating his cousin and what not." "Sssh. Quiet. He's here. He's doing that finger spinning thing again!" .

High Time

Shweta Naik

"Dad, is this the place we are going to?" asked my kid as I showed her the picture of my hometown. Lush green trees swaying with breeze, the freshwater lake and the children of all ages getting together was a rare feat these days. Two and half hours of flight and a taxi ride later, when we reached, my daughter said, "Well, is this the same place?" more disgusted than disappointed. "Nope," my head hung in shame when the I saw a dried-up lake filled with numerous polythene bags and plastic bottles..

Everyone had forlorn looks on their faces. The strong wind billowing through the trees breathed life into the lush green fields. Even the bird’s cacophony was sounding mellifluous today. We all stood staring at the expanse of nature’s beauty in front of us, which is soon going to be decimated. The land has been leased to a big construction company. The work will start tomorrow and the area cordoned off. Our meeting point. Our playground. The source of our creative musings. We stood there for what seemed like eternity, refusing to leave, relishing every moment..

The launch pad


Be it running, chasing or diving, the popular banyan tree never failed to enrapture the village kids. Except this one urchin who had a strange predilection for that tall coconut tree. Didn't matter to him that he couldn't climb it or rest under its shade, But he somehow knew that this tree could launch a thousand dreams. How, he didn't know! Not until he developed an uncanny interest in projectile motions and grew up to be Mahendra Bahubali. It couldn't have been without this coconut tree that an army of thousand soldiers was launched to the Mahismati fort! .

The Speaking Tree

Manisha Panda

"We might come in your way of building a better future but I stand here, with arms wide open to give shelter to your tiny tots while they play. My dear thin friend standing next to me nurtures a heavy fruit for you to eat happily when the sun is angry. We gladly breathe in what you breathe out and yet you want to kill us! Let us live while you still have time cause Mr World is ready to do suicide for us," said the big tree..

Ever Green

Rakesh D

This reminds me of my childhood days. The lake, the trees, blue sky and the kids playing. I remember that I used to climb such trees and have fun with all my cousins. Climbing such trees was considered an achievement. Jumping into the lake from the tree is the greatest experience. Swimming, jumping, running, laughing were the greatest moments. I don't need to go home for food, because we all fill our bellies. The title "Ever Green" is not just for the frame, but also for those days. Those were the best days of my life..