From a distance I saw the two of them sharing a bond that I so badly wanted to have. Then my eyes were drawn to the third person - a painful yet serene pair of eyes. He had sacrificed his love for her happiness. Suddenly I didn't yearn for that bond. Because I knew I wasn't that noble. And so I turned away with content knowing I have to love myself before yearning for a relationship where I could love another one. - the bird at the far right..

Die Damn Anika


Ina: Just could not get one task done. She is such a loser. Meena: How difficult was it? She was in great position. Deeka: Just had to time it well. Ina: Been 2 hours since lunch. She had all the payload. Meena: The constipation bit is such a lame excuse. Deeka: We have a lot of fiber in our diet. Ina: Very few bald humans are stupid enough to stand below birds perched on electric cables. Meena: Can’t time a dump. Now he’s gone. Deeka: Lot of shit wasted. Get rid of her. Ina, Meena, Deeka: Die Damn Anika.

The View From Above

Mehula Prasad

In the maternity ward a woman's cradle lay empty. But, the morning filled her room with sunshine and a baby's cry, as she gained consciousness from the anaesthetics. She brought up the baby just like her own. Even after 20 years she remains unaware, until the cuckoo flew down to take her baby back. It was rare to see brood parasitism amongst humans. Perched high up in the air, collectively, they laughed at the misery of humanity. .



He fell in love the moment he saw her hanging on the wire. He was wandering alone ever since he left the nest and parted away from his siblings. Her warm company seemed a nice change in cold nights of north India. It all changed on that faithful day, she came to him and said ‘we can’t stay together henceforth as I don’t feel safe hanging out with you.’ ‘Why.’ he didn’t understand. He tried convincing her that Anti Romeo squad is only for humans not us. ‘Still. Why take risk.’ She said and flew away .

Truth be told

Soundarya Ganesan

All that your immediate entourage wants to do is rattle you or tattle about you. C'est la vie ! .

The Songbird

Arnab Chakraborty

There is a songbird I have known A familiar song I have heard. The seasons have passed, the eyes have dried, the winds have died and you have not returned. And I still see the songbird sitting across the swinging wire, gaily gazing at the western sky, for the rain While I wait and I wait, for her songs to pour out in vain. .

Adagio Misterioso


Maurice was lingering for a while now. The piano did not speak to him anymore. He got stuck at the change in tempo. His thoughts were just a big abyss full of sorrow and loses. Amalia left him so many years ago and he could not get over her. She married with his best friend, creating the biggest scandal of that year. Little he knew Amalia divorced in the meantime and she was now on the other side of the world, alone, with her cello, stuck at the change in tempo. They both decided to continue with an adagio..

The Shocking Kiss

Nitin Purohit

The love birds were meeting after ages. The last time they met, members of anti-Romeo squad had mobbed them. They were publicly humiliated and thrashed. They were consenting adults in love and yet, they were treated like minors with ideologies forced on them. They found sympathizers in opposing ideologists. They promised to keep a watch and branded themselves as Romeo Guards. Juliet was guarded by default. So, to be in full public view they perched themselves on electric cables. They wanted to make a statement. Defy the odds. As they proceeded to kiss, they were in for a shock. .

The Forbidden Touch

Ganpatirai Purohit

Cuckoo1: “There is nothing human about a human touch”. Discarded: “I was helpless. I was thirsty and he lured me with water. Fed me and then stroked my head as if I was a pet”. Cuckoo2: “You know the rule. Touched by humans, abandoned by us. Stay away.” Discarded: “But, I am safe.” Cuckoo3: “No, you aren’t. You are contaminated with humanity. We are not pigeons or doves. We are cuckoos.” Cuckoo2 whispers to Cuckoo3: “These liberals I tell you. Now the humans would want to cage us as pets. No wonder it is called ‘The forbidden touch’”. .



Seated on the brink of the realm, Perched on a string that stays lit, Melodic recitals of a novel hymn, Ventured out to dissimilar winds, Lonesome and apathetic to humanity, It’s a toil we all go through in absurdity, Just like life we hope to find, A love that will survive time, And yet we glimpse and aspire, Contemplating what’s mine and yours, A clandestine affair of life unresolved, Behold the earthly view, Inactive gazing at the firmament blue, Viewing the gloomy ground brewed, Looking for a sign of life anew, As the world goes driving by without clue. .