And so he walked home one day, carrying his stuff in a shopping bag, feeling tired and exhausted. The sun was not kind at all nor was the water content in the air. He was sweating and stinking. But he was determined. After all, he had bet that he could walk the mile in another's shoes! Literally..

The graduate


'Headmistress called.' Father sounded serious'Said you cheated in the exam.' Son stayed strangely quiet. Prolonged moments of silence followed. 'Sorry -' son started. 'I refused to believe her though!' his father cut in, smiling. 'Glad you did that!' Son sounded awkward. 'Of course I know you didn't cheat.' Father sounded confident. 'Remember? I was sitting right behind you in the exam hall' he grinned. 'Sorry.' Son started again 'Couldn't help you in the exam' 'Not a worry.' the 35-year-old boomed. 'Can't fail this time. Finally, I graduate! Wish your mom was here. To see her last wish fulfilled'.

The king entered the market. Disguised as a fisherman. 'Best disguise ever!' He complimented himself 'Not even the cleverest can see through it!' A stray kid behind accidentally bumped into him. He ignored, like a commoner would do. 'Humble apologies, My Lord!' The kid murmured with utmost respect. The king swirled around, shocked. He recognized! 'Who are you?' he croaked. 'I am the Royal cook.' He bowed. The king stared closely. Indeed, he is! Convincing disguise! 'Minister sent me to look after you' the cook added. The king resumed his trip, never knowing it was the minister in disguise..



Life is supposedly happy! Fresh air, clean water, sunny day, green trees and the constant humming of birds! The ever increasing frequency of local trains, hustling with office goers and commuters, is indeed inspiring! I have everything in life. Well, I've a roof to stay under, although not very lavish; a decent job and a modest family. But something seems off! It has been a while that I have started working, and I've noticed a constant longing for company; to play,laugh and share my life with. Where do I find her! My princess! Wherever you are, I miss you!.

His Heir

Fayaz Girach

He daily used to follow him, wherever he goes, whatever he does. He used to watch him secretly, his every single moment. Now it was almost 3 months to this raiky. One day he was caught by him. "Who Are You...?" "I don't know, really." "Why you following me everyday ?" "Bcoz, my mother would show your pic & say "he is the best person in my life" so i want to be like you"... .



‘Attempt to suicide is no longer a criminal offence’ Appu read in newspapers. He was a government job holder, close to retirement. Sincere and successful so far. Never tasted failure. Happy family. Great friends. Joyful memories. But the headline triggered a thought in his heart. He jumped off the bridge next day. Body was never found. Weeks passed. His son received a letter: ‘Son, glad to hear that you are employed now. Thought only my absence would teach you responsibility, would make you earn for yourself. For the family. Time for me to come back’.

Conditional assessment

Payal Phayde

"They're both the same, with the? gold or without. Their value is 3+3 to the board. " "Master, understand the dynamics please, if we hold onto the offering, and let them both go we can have them when they're unprepared, victory is ours at C4#." "If I wanted to win, I'd never wait for their move, you see I want to play and watch them tremble. The game was always mine. I never lose the French opening. Now kill!".

A dreamy submission

Manoj kini

*Ancient myth says, "When the worthy tripatriate is offered on the sacrificial altar, the one performing the ritual would gain untold powers." You are one step away..* *Don't you think we need some negative spacing? I feel using two models works better. Let the third cell remain blank...* *The advance tax remitted will not be sufficient. Provision write-off issue. Remit the taxes and close it off. Also co-ordinate with the stock audit team. Today is the year end..* "Haven't you slept yet?" Files lay strewn and the screen read, "Your story has been successfully submitted." I drifted yet again. .