Last Stage - Fayaz Girach @shayrana

Fayaz Girach

Police Came Inquiring to him " Show your ID Card." He showed. -Train Changes Tracks- Childhood had stolen happiness & youth his love. ( Remembering ) - Tracks Changed - He was leaving the city & life of sins. The beggar sitting beside wonders in the morning who changed his dress, reading the early newspaper headlines about "Diamond Smuggling" unknown with the fact that something was glowing in his pockets..

The Journey

Chetna jha

Everything is leading us to one thing. All these tiny little moments as a whole has made me who I am. Life doesn't pass by like, 'they say'. It is lived in every heartache, falling and rising, words scribbled on a piece of paper that never saw daylight. Life, here I come before all these tiny little moments lead me to the end and I'm nothing more than a star. .

Final Journey


He was now scared, as he stood there. The police were bound to find out that he was the one who had killed his wife. He never wanted to kill her, but she just wouldn't stop fighting. He was sick and tired of her. His mom had told him that she was not right for him. He cursed himself for not listening to his mother before jumping off the train. .

Ticket to Freedom

Jigisha Dave

Oh, this wind feels so great, these villages, cities, roads, trees, farms, river, mountains are passing by so fast, as if they are also trying to reach somewhere, or running away from their routine, just like me ! I will go there finally, a place which I saw in my master's magazine. Master said it was the highest place on this earth. I will climb and reach the top. From there no one will look down upon me. No one ! .

Coming home

Kishore Thampi

I have sinned. In that nebulous haze of anger, I have bludgeoned a man to death. The sight of his motionless body lying in a pool of blood still haunts me. The aftermath of a drunken brawl. That was a long time ago. 25 years, to be precise. And now from the dark confines of prison, I have been given a new lease of life. Freedom! As the train was hooting and chugging along, my disjointed memories were getting connected. The picturesque landscape whizzing past ushered in an elusive happiness. I'm coming home !.


Vishnu thampi

I enter the little bobbing train. Thoughts about my difference fill my head. Millions of questions that I want to ask about myself, knowing others won't be able to give me an answer. At first glance, you may think I am strange. As a matter of fact, maybe disgusting and repulsive are the first thoughts that come into your head when you see me. What can I say, mysteries feed me, battles bathe me. They make me what I am. And here I go on another one, knowing that I might not come back..

Aurangabad, February 2017. The summer roses were smiling as spring was taking baby steps. Woollens were back in the closet and whites were ready for the sun's show. Kids were busy in end-term exams and mothers were busy managing their routines. Finishing his work a little early, 41-year-old Rizwan packed his satchel and boarded the train. He was happy and nervous. Mixed emotions intoxicated his thoughts. Restlessness overpowered him as the train was running behind schedule. He couldn't afford to be late today. Had to wish his wife 'all the best'. It was her first board exam paper. English..

The Unborn Child


Counting the passing trees, he paused at 20. He had finished serving his sentence. A mistake he regretted for the last 20 years, which made him abandon his pregnant wife. He was headed home now. He didn't know what to feel; happy or sad. Would they accept him? He returned to his seat. The young man sitting nearby saw his troubled face and asked, 'Are you okay?' He confided in the boy and in the end asked, 'Should I go?' As the boy hugged him with tears in his eye, he said. 'I missed you, father.' .

He was the funniest man Ram ever knew. But he hardly smiled anymore. Doctors confirmed Cancer. Things weren't the same anymore. Lifelessly staring out of the train window, he made Ram quiver with pity. And then, he did it! Sprung up from his seat, ran towards the train door. Ram feared the worst. 'It's so unlike him!' his soul kept screaming. Yet he croaked 'Don't jump!' And he didn't. He just stood there, on the edge, his back towards Ram. Seconds later, turned around smiling broadly. 'So that's how foot-boarding feels! Now I can try everything I ever feared!'.

The task


He was late. He jumped into the coach. Just in time. His task was simple. Sticking pamphlets beside each coach entrance and getting paid. All he wanted was to earn enough money to buy a bike for his son staying in city. He was visiting him after a long time. He leaned out of the running train's door, bent his body dangerously, and finally stuck the pamphlet. Next moment, his foot slipped. But he pulled himself in miraculously. Relieved, he wondered what was in the pamphlet that almost took his life. He was illiterate; it read 'Foot-boarding is dangerous.'.