Once Again

Jigisha Dave

"Yes! This has to be him," exclaimed Jinny's heart. "Such patience to capture this moment of the bird with its reflection, the angle, the light balance... this was him." She checked the details of the first prize winner of the prestigious photography contest and smiled. Neel Roy, whom she met five years ago at a workshop, her friend, whom she never told how much she loved. Now she had found him, once again! .

"Your pink tufts of beauty, I adore how you raise one feet at time, push apart your adjoining feathers, shake your hip, flutter your wings, and in a 360 degree swing, flick the water, and then swoop down to pick another treat, in between the clutches of your sharp beak. Oh you please me so much. I feel like having you around, in the pond at the front of my arcade. And tame you, provide you with food, and make you mine". Exactly how the photographer defined the flamingo, and the women in his life. .


Kavita Chavda

She: "Hey, look at that bird!" He: "They visit this place at the start of winter and fly away by the end." She: "Where to?" He: "Back to the place they've come from.” She: "That's sad. I'll miss them" He: "Yes. We miss things once they're gone." She: "Did you miss me when I left for studies?" He: "I almost died missing you. I watched these birds in your memory. I guess I happen to love migrants." She: “You never know, they may love you too and hate flying away from you.” A quiet place. Revealing the unsaid. A love story budded. . .

Raha was laughing. Sunny said, “You are happy?” “Yes I am. Can't you see?” “Hmm. Seeing the worst nightmare.” “You deserve someone better.” “But I was in need of someone like you, not better.” “And my husband deserved me, not better.” Raha smiled and ran to the seashore. Everyone would take a long breath to feel the moment, but Raha sighed deep in front of the sea. She was thinking if the number of lies were more than the waves. Only the reflection of the lies stays when you are all alone..

The Perfect Shot

Abhiram Rajan

The photographer had not changed his position for hours together to get a perfect shot. This was a question of life or death for him. He was facing humiliation from his family for leaving a well paid job to pursue his passion. The ghosts of those painful days kept following him wherever he went. Giving up was a word which he didn't know about, he worked really hard coupled patience and perseverance. He never stopped learning, always accepted feedback. Now this shot of his landed him a dream job as a trainee photographer with Nat Geo..



At edge of the river, it was all the same. He smiled. "It's all the same, yaar. Only the duck is alone... Must be feeling in hell, though, in this beautiful lake without his mate... like me.".

"No fish left!" exclaimed the greedy crane, one gloomy morning. ‘There were many once,' murmured the conscience as the bird stared at the lifeless lake, ‘Until you lavishly ate them all'. The sky grew darker, the bird grew hungrier. And it happened! A magnificent white fish appeared with a flaming red tail; vanished before the crane grabbed it. Days later, miles away, newspapers read ‘12 died after a plane crash.’ All the crane saw was the falling plane’s reflection. It died waiting for the fish to reappear; a fish that was never there. The count is now 13. .

Where did I drop the baby?

Nitin Purohit

Go to the caves, get the baby and deliver them to human parents. It is a good job, but it is taking its toll on me. The humans have repaid our hard work by destroying places where we live. So I have ended being alone. Most of my tribe is gone. I am alone and these guys won’t stop demanding babies. So I get overworked and fumble. The other day I delivered a human baby to wolves and they raised him to be a better human. What can I say? Now where did I drop today's baby? .

The Faithful


Ah! exclaimed the man, looking at the first of the birds to arrive at the lake near his house. "So you are back, I have been waiting for you guys," said the man. He always looked forward to their visit every year. The birds had been faithful, never failed him. They came every year, unlike his only son who didn't even come for his mother's funeral..

Anti-Gravity!!! Huh!

Ganpatirai Purohit

The sky is below me and I am literally dipping my feet in it. The fish are flying and an ocean is upside down on my head. I can’t figure out what ends where and the green patches are just not helping me understand the orientation. Gravity has been a useful companion till date and I had heard of anti-gravity. So this must be it. I can’t figure out if I am flying, standing or swimming. Some of these humans, the scientists to be precise, know their stuff. Oh wait!!! I had the Stork Shiraz last night. Anti-gravity!!! Huh! .

Mumbai Flamingo Festival

Naveen Rane

It's time to meet the pink beauties at the Mumbai flamingo festival. Everyone is geared up to know the results of entertaining quizzes/bird tattoos, visual displays (exhibition), nature publications and educational activities like 'Span your Wings' and 'Beak and Feet', which were held throughout the fortnight. As the free bus service which is provided by the organizers leaves the station, everyone is cheering to their hearts' content imagining to see flock of flamingos on the bay. But the terror outfit had other plans and exploded the bus, turning the flamingo festival into festival of ashes..

Why? - The question


Staring at his reflection, he thought, "Why do humans kill and eat me? I'm just a simple and elegant bird, living my life without disturbing any of them." A passing fish broke his train of thoughts. With a sudden peck, it was in his mouth. Strange as it may seem, a few moments back, the fish was wondering the same about the storks. A sudden sound made the stork turn his head. Headed towards him, was an arrow. 'Hunger,' the answer. .

The Perception Spectrum


One bright Sunday, near the lake. Rino: Guys, look at that Crane. I've never seen such a beautiful one before. Preet: I think it's a rare species. But what's he doing there standing on one leg? Aman: Hey crazy, He's just resting on one leg. Rino: May be he is enjoying his own beauty in the reflection. Preet: Who enjoys their own beauty for such a long time? He might be searching for a prey. Aman: Cool, guys. It's a pleasant day and the Crane is just relaxing. It's getting late. Let's go home. Every frame in life carries a spectrum of thoughts, We just choose one that reflects our mood and name it 'Our Perception'..

Love hate relationship


"Ma, I am bored of eating the same food every day. Why do I have to eat rice? Why can't I eat a pizza?" "There was once a crane who got tired of eating fish. He wanted to try something new. His eyes fell on a reddish crawley. He caught it without giving a second thought. The crab choked the crane's neck with its pincers until it was released. The crane had to rest until its neck was healed to eat fish again." "Ok, give me rice." "You know I could have killed the crane right?" "I love rice!".

A short-lived tale

Manoj kini

It was the season of migration. The young bird tried to keep up with its lot but being a first-timer, found it hard to keep up, and eventually lost its way. A layover and several days later when it finally managed to reach its flock, the bird-watchers found a new migrant with vibrant hues. The news spread and the sanctuary soon flooded with tourists. The flock found the attention enticing. They all visited the holy lake and drank the holy potion. Thanks to dumping of toxic-waste into water bodies, a whole species was now on the verge of extinction. .