Grazing Dreams

Naveen Rane

As a young boy, I used to take graze goats and work in farms. But I had big dreams, but was always demotivated by my family telling me, this is our family business. But destiny had planned something different for me. An NGO visited our village with a vocational course for all youths on the farm and I enrolled myself. After doing hard work and fulfilling my dreams, as I was travelling back to my village, I felt glad that the person who caused the traffic jam while trying to get his goats across was not 'Me'. .

A long road to my grass

Nitin Purohit

Well!! This flock seems to have its craving for grass satiated. They have even gone full circle and doled out fertilizer pellets. Now I will have to bear the brunt of “Swachch Bharat” crusaders. They will make me feel like a black sheep. I must build a toilet for the flock. But that should happen after I have built one for me and my family. Time to go back. I don’t want to start counting the sheep. What if I fall asleep? I don’t want to. I want my grass as well. It seems a long road to my grass. .

And it's green, again

Aditya Sathe

You have no clue how hard it is to survive through hot summers in India. Every bit of greenery has vanished; even trees with thorns have shed. From one town to another, he herds us by his stick with small brass bells, in search of some patch of green to feed us. The blazing sun makes our black coats shine and my murky white fellows get their own distinct shade. But one fine day, it gets overcast, clouds roar and it pours down on the earth. Soon she becomes green again, to feed us, her offspring..


Shweta Naik

"Tomorrow I will get rid of them," thought the shepherd, remembering the generous offer the butcher had given him. With the setting sun, he realized that the disease had overtaken him again today; he forgot the way home. All he remembered next was waking up to the bleats of his herd in the morning. Feeling foolish yet thankful, he went and returned the advance money to the butcher and said, "I am sorry, Saahib! I realized I need them more than they need me.".

A long way to go

Vishakha Bhosale

He joined the dais amid thundering applause. He looked at them and then at the speech which merely had a picture of a man grazing goats. Spotting eagerness on their faces, he simply said, ‘Questions?’ People were bewildered but glad. ‘Sir, whom do you credit for your success and why?’ the first question came. His face lit up. "I credit them," he said pointing at the picture. Audience was perplexed. "They taught me kindness and mutualism. Togetherness is the only way to grow. With that rule I have come this far but I still have a long way to go.".


Kavita Chavda

Your life is a long road. And here I am to guide you through your pains and happinesses, wisdoms and virtues. You see a shepherd there? Riding the flock of sheep. I am no different than him. You are my priceless lambs and know where to head you to. When to put you in pain shearing your skin so you can give the world what it needs and go along a new path where new possibilities breed. Trust me for what happens with you and I'll never disappoint you, says the Almighty..



On the way back home after grazing the goats, he looked at them. Day by day the tribe was becoming smaller.They were seldom fed properly. He really loved them but he did not have any choice. There was hardly any food in the house for his kids. As soon as he reached home, kids came running towards him laughing and making noise. After so many days they were fed properly. He looked at his wife who was busy counting the goats. She came near him and whispered, "Another 20 days we can feed the kids." She had tears in her eyes. .



Everybody from his family leaves home on this day every year and never comes back. This day is what everyone dreads but is even proud of. His brother last year had become very popular; he made their family proud. He fetched a fortune in the auction for their Lord's family. Lord had bought a new cycle, dresses for his children and wife. So he wants to make his family proud this time. Everybody makes sacrifices but is it worth it to make the Lord happy? Suddenly they turned after hearing Lord’s order and the truck took them away to the Bakrid market..

Beacon of hope

Manoj kini

"It is well known that our perpetrator has neither resource nor capability to continually cause disturbance and lay claim to our land. There is no gain out of the said event, except for an additional burden to their already chaotic economy." "Can you cut to the chase please?" "It is the great-wall. The motive; CPEC." "I presume you have an action plan?" "Yes, Mr. PM. Our intelligence suggests the nucleus behind the masterplan is to visit the perpetrator. Neutralise the brain, and the body will stop functioning." "Give this man a flock. Let's hope you can prevent that war.".

Wedding honour


As he waited with his herd of goats for the village lorry, he was both happy and sad. Happy his daughter was getting married to a citywallah and sad that he had to sell his goats to give a wedding befitting a rich groom. Daughter Pinky had brought home her classmate, saying that she wanted to marry him only. Having agreed, as a father his duty was to get her settled. Just then his daughter came running and shouting, “Don’t sell the goats. My fiancé will foot the bill.” She was a stubborn mule, he thought. .